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Community Service During Covid-19


Social Responsibility

During Covid-19, We have been actively engaged (as statewide COVID protocols permit) in providing emotional support to those families within our community hardest hit economically, in tutoring the youth we can reach with our limited resources, working with shelters in the area for victims of domestic violence, our interfaith outreach and virtual prayer services, and doing everything we can to support medical personal and first responders working directly with the COVID impact within our multicultural community. Our volunteers, from May to July, sewed over 2,500 masks for use by those most desperately and hardest hit by COVID; provided over 200 meals to shelters (in addition to volunteer hours worked) for homeless and victims of domestic violence in South Salt Lake; provided much-needed emergency essentials for members of Utah's Navajo Nation and CRIC Refugee Organization in Logan for at least 500 families; and served over 200 pounds of fresh meats to Somali Refugees in the Logan community - all since the start of the present COVID situation.