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Condemning the horrible act of violence against the innocent Muslim community in New Zealand

new zealand shooting

However much we hate to hear any type of violence against innocent people, especially while they are connecting with their God in their holy places, it is still happening in various parts of the world. It takes only one corrupt mind to hurt so many in so less time.

As Emerald Hills Institute, we cannot accept any violence against anyone because of their differences in color, race, religion, and nationality. In the past, we stood with our Jewish and Christian brothers and sisters against violence; and today, we stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters who are deeply affected by this horrible act of violence in New Zealand.

We trust the diligence and strength of the security forces of New Zealand, and we know that a peaceful and righteous country like New Zealand will do anything to prevent any violence against any community living in their soil. And, we offer our deepest condolences to those who are hurt during the mindless attack motivated with hatred. We just would like our friends in New Zealand to know that their brothers and sisters from the United States of America are praying for them.