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Condemning the horrible act of violence against the innocent Sri Lankans

Today, we have heard the upsetting news in which more than 200 innocent Sri Lankans lost their lives in a disgusting and horrendous terror attack on a peaceful Easter Sunday. Even though we cannot find appropriate words to describe the delirious minds plotted and carried out this attack, we know for sure that they are uniting us --the peaceful innocent people-- all around the world. These terrorists will not reach their goals no matter how many times they hurt us. Organizations like Emerald Hills Institute will work harder to create encompassing and peaceful environments for everyone to live with dignity. We don't know the victims individually, but we know that our hearts and prays are closer than before to the lives lost and people survived. We are hoping that one day we will stop posting upsetting announcements like this. But today, in order to show our stance against terrorism, we are posting our thoughts to show, once again, that we are united, powerful, and everywhere...