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Emerald Hills Institute takes part in Stitching Hearts Worldwide


This week we are spotlighting our incredible friend from Turkey, Zeynep Kariparduc.

Zeynep centers her entire life and career around serving others. Through her nonprofit organization, Emerald Hills Institute, she has been able to improve her own community and provide others with resources to do the same. 

With that, she has sponsored Stitching Hearts for a number of years and has lovingly worked with us on a variety of projects.
For example, we sent quilts and other needed materials to Turkey where much of her family still lives.

When Project Protect began a few months ago, Zeynep jumped right in to help sewing. She even picked up masks for us and took them all the way to Wee Care Pediatrics in Ogden!

Zeynep, thank you for your beautiful smile, service, and love. Keep doing incredible things!