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A letter from Emerald Hills Institute about COVID-19 Virus

We are, once again, challenged by a global pandemic that has been affecting millions of people all around the world. With every lost life due to COVID-19, we feel devastated. We pray for everyone in the world, and we wish the victims of COVID-19 a speedy recovery. We pray for the lives passed away to rest in peace. 

COVID-19 is a problem that cannot be taken lightly. Everyone needs to take responsibility in these tough times and listen to the experts' recommendations. We have to confine the virus and ensure that it does not get spread easily. We have to protect those who are most susceptible to the severe damages of COVID-19. Moments like these are critical times when our compassion and commonsense save lives. 

As Emerald Hills Institute, we would like to update you on the actions we have been taking during this pandemic. We regularly follow the new updates about COVID-19 from the official sources and ensure that our communities access the correct information and take precautions. We work with everyone to help them understand the seriousness of this problem and communicate them the simplest ways to protect themselves, their loved ones, and everyone in Utah. We regularly ask them to do the five: Wash your hands often, cough into your elbow, don't touch your face, keep a safe distance from others, and stay at home if you can.

We temporarily stopped all of our events until further notice. For gatherings like board meetings and reading clubs, we are using online tools to come together. We understand the positive impact of socializing and having friendly conversations on people, especially during times like this. Hence, we are encouraging everyone not to stop coming together, but meeting via online platforms. 

Panicking is not a solution, and we ask everyone to stay calm and act rationally. Humanity has seen many challenges throughout history. We will once again fight off this challenge, but it will take some time.

We like to thank you for your understanding and for helping everyone by following the recommended practices during this pandemic. We are looking forward to seeing the days when we left all these problems behind but also learned valuable lessons from it to reduce the impact of the next pandemic. 

Please stay safe.

Emerald Hills Institute Family