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Emerald Hills Institute offers a competitive internship program that provides students and graduates the opportunity to make important professional social change and community contributions.

Interns can choose from short or long-term projects during their internship period, in addition to daily responsibilities. Emerald Hills Institute Interns will not receive monetary compensation from the organization.


Internships at the Emerald Hills Institute


Emerald Hills Institute’s mission is to develop social capital—the creation and extension of positive connections within and between disparate social networks to achieve mutual understanding and common commitments to enriching the social good in the Western US States.


Emerald Hills Institute seeks to accomplish its vision by engaging in a variety of civic activities and inviting others to generate and share insights, thereby removing barriers to confidence-building and trust. This sharing of insights and understanding can then create real opportunities for mutual respect and appreciation, offering an environment in which a shared narrative can be rooted.


Emerald Hills Institute was founded as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization by a group of dedicated volunteers in Salt Lake City, Utah. Idea was to do good for the community they live in. Emerald Hills Institute receives donations and is supported by business people and professionals, and efficiently achieves a high level of output due to the support of committed volunteers.

Emerald Hills Institute strives for social justice, interfaith cooperation, advocacy through positive change and connections, relationship-building and partnership for the common good, and respecting both religious and non-religious identities through its wide range of activities like Social Responsibility Projects, Festivals, Panels, Conferences, Talks, Civic Engagement Projects, Annual Dialogue and Award Ceremonies, Ramadan Iftar Dinners and Intercultural Trips and Study Abroad Programs.



Candidates may apply to one or multiple areas that align with student majors or areas of interest.

Public & Global Affairs

The intern will assist the Director of Events with daily operations, as well as monthly projects. Responsibilities include:

  • Assist in the coordination of forums

  • Research local and international forum topics

  • Write bios for forum speakers

  • Interview forum speakers

  • Manage speaker databases

  • Provide content related to Public Global Affairs for social media accounts

  • Work with Interfaith Engagement and Communications interns to create project proposals

Dialogue Engagement Responsibilities include:

  • Oversee and assist in the organization of Interfaith/Intercultural programs and its database development

  • Manage event invitations, and communicate with participants.

  • Plan & coordinate Interfaith/Intercultural Gatherings

  • Work with team members on new ideas

  • Create interfaith/intercultural content for social media accounts

Community Engagement Responsibilities include:

  • Oversee and assist in the organization of Community Service and its database development

  • Manage event invitations, and communicate with participants.

  • Plan & coordinate Community Service programs 

  • Work with team members on new ideas

  • Create Community Engagement content for social media accounts


Human Resources Responsibilities include:

  • Communicate with candidates via phone and email

  • Selection process management

  • Assist with organization on-boarding processes

  • Manage open internship postings on various career and university websites

  • Create and facilitate leadership development for office, employees, and other interns (HR Development Day)


Communications Responsibilities include:

  • Research and contribute to Emerald Hills Institute social media accounts (1 post per week)

  • Contact EHI members and sources for interviews and research

  • Produce PR materials

  • Brainstorm and developing new programs and initiatives at EHI

  • Generate content for social media


Multimedia Responsibilities include:

  • Create/update social media content

  • Create/update website content

  • Video events and edit video content

Skills Required to complete job consist of the ability to multitask, navigate throughout multiple social media platforms, basic recording and editing skills including Photoshop and iMovie


Time commitment

Approximately 5-10 hours in a week. Mon – Fri (flexible)


– Undergraduate / graduate students and recent graduates

– Proficient in varied social media platforms (Instagram, twitter, Facebook)

-- Proficient in basic MS Office tools (Word,Excel)

– Responsible and reliable

– Excellent writing, skills

--Ability to see tasks/projects through to completion

– Ability to multi-task and work in a deadline-oriented environment


Desired Skills/Preferences

Related degree programs/fields of Study include: Journalism, Communications, International Studies, Political Science, Social Studies, Education, other


How to apply

In order to apply to the Emerald Hills Institute internship program, please submit a cover letter along with your resume to


For more information

Accepted applicants will be called for an interview.